Following the most recent TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event that was held in Berlin at the beginning of March, professionals in the international hospitality industry are gearing up for the next installment, which will take place in Dubai at the end of April. We take a look inside this now famous event.

All eyes on Dubai
On April 24th, Dubai will host the next TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR event, and the second of 2018. Held in the Sheraton Grand Hotel, this day-long networking event promises to bring attendees all of the engaging content that people have come to expect from these now famous conferences. Every new event allows participants to benefit from all of the things learned from past events, and each new event is better than the last. Everything participants have come to expect from the World Tour, such as the round-table networking session, panel discussions and the Creative Spark design competition, will be back with a bang. As always, it promises to be a fun, interesting, engaging and useful event for all who participate.

Networking sessions and Creative Spark
By now, those who have been to the World Tour events in the past will be familiar with the networking sessions, but there will also be some presentations on how to network more effectively. After the first few rounds of networking Change Table sessions, the Creative Spark projects will be introduced before lunch. This time round, the competitors are the Sifang Collective presented by David T’Kint from HBA, the Grand Hyatt Emirates Pearl presented by Maria Katsarou-Vafiadis from MKV Design, and the Setai Galil Lake Hotel presented by Nir Gilad from NOUS Design.

After a coffee break, the networking will resume and there will be a round up of the Creative Spark project, so that by the time lunch comes around, delegates will no doubt be coming away with a host of new colleagues, potential collaborators and friends. The morning session will also include a panel discussion on the topic of EXPO2020: Opportunities, Mobility and sustainability, a hot topic in Dubai in advance of this important world summit set to take place there in two years time. The panel discussions are always lively and engaging, and this particular theme is sure to be illuminating for all in attendance.

Keynote presentations
Once people have had the opportunity to eat and get to know the people they have met in the networking portion in a more informal way, the afternoon will be dedicated mainly to two keynote presentations. The first will be presented by Jule Grass from TOPHOTELPROJECTS on the subject of Hospitality Development ME– Big Projects and Big Players, the second will address Hospitality and Innovation, while the third will be about Economy Development, presented by Patrick Angwin from Horwath HTL. These will be interspersed with more networking sessions, and finally the winner of the Creative Spark competition will be announced. The evening will wrap up with a tour of the hotel and a drinks reception.