Creative Spark

by These White Walls

Nordelaia is a new independent boutique hotel located in the hills of Alessandria—the Piedmont wine country—between Milan and Genoa. The property is an agriturismo estate consisting of 5 hectares of land, newly planted with vines that will produce the hotel’s own wine.

Our studio has transformed the existing farmhouse, turning it into a unique twelve-bed boutique hotel with reception, lounge areas, games room, and terraces with outdoor pools and an ornamental garden.

Each of the rooms has a distinctive aesthetic, conceptually connected with the historical context and local landscape. The hotel focuses upon a rural-style of wellbeing, and we have designed a private spa for the guests within the vaults of the building, with new glass-fronted relaxation rooms that open up views of the valley.

A modern three-story fine dining restaurant has been built on-site to cater for guests and large events, with two additional apartments upstairs. We have designed this building in a more contemporary style with a chic set of dining spaces that are open to the public as well as private guests.

The restaurant will feature a modern Italian menu and with wines and produce local to the area, plus a chefs garden and exterior dining offering views overlooking the surrounding hills.

The project is due to launch Summer 2020.