Creative Spark

Hotel Amarano – Burbank

by HBA

`Steaming from the girls` name `Amara` meaning grace, mercy and kindness, the Amarano hotel will exude the qualities of its namesake by offering guests an elegant, graceful retreat. Stepping in to Hotel Amarano is like stepping into Amara`s home. Feels familiar, surprises with the unexpected and makes you giggle with peculiar details.

Hotel Amarano, with Amara`s vision is highly inspired by the spirit of Hollywood`s famous – or perhaps infamous` `Garden of Allah` a private retreat owned by Alla Nazimova, former silent movie actress during the 1920s. Amara feels connected to Nazimova. She honors the spirit of `Garden of Allah`, celebrates the idea of a `private retreat` and makes sure everyone finds a corner to relax, detach and have fun in her house. She has a beautiful home, surrounded by ranches and studios. She gets her inspiration from the land of Burbank, history of its founder and its surroundings, her personal collectables from her travels and her love of flying.

Hotel Amarano is a home that celebrates southern California, a home that inspires her and everyone in it. A home that makes you want to write a book about, a home that gives you the freedom to be extraordinary.