Los Angeles

Over the past 20 years, Axxess Industries has supplied Electronic Do-Not-Disturb and Doorbell Systems to hotels large and small that seek to elevate their guest experience and operations.  These innovative systems improve the touch points between hotel guests and staff while boosting the overall efficiency of housekeeping departments. 

Most of our customers prefer to incorporate our electronics into our custom room number signs that we create entirely custom in concert with our customers and their designers.
Every product is manufactured in-house, which allows us to tailor the design to specific needs.

Our solutions are easily retrofitted in existing hotels. Wireless communication enables us to network these systems without any network wire runs.

At the request and encouragement of our customers we developed a comprehensive line of stylish, intuitive and smart guest room controls.  Touch keypads that are fully customizable, lighting controls for every kind of luminaire, blind and curtain controls, and smart hotel automation systems round out the smart hotel systems.  Our systems interoperate with a number of lighting, energy management and control systems. We pay close attention to making our systems intuitive so that guests don’t have to engage in learning when they want to relax.

Let’s work together to elevate your guest experience by enhancing comfort and convenience while making operations more cost effective.