Elemeği Project Solutions has been established in the year 2004 whereas operates in its strongly equipped integrated production plant using state of art machine park and employing professional architecture personnel. The company performs a wide range of operations from private productions to boutique projects and includes many units such as furniture, coating, metal processing and painting under its roof.

The production facilities has a total area of 20.000 square meters wherein Elemeği Project Solutions continue its works in parallel with ever improving concepts. Elemeği is a follower of continuous development and acts with a dynamic structure; thus, continues to enhance its vision thanks to the solution partnerships established in the international market.

Elemeği has targeted to keep the customer satisfaction at highest level by means of generating effective solutions in the projects it has been assuming thanks to its sustainable innovative organizational structure and 500 personnel it has been employing for architecture, interior architecture, construction works, project management and implementation, furniture production and restoration branches. As the title of the company implies, Elemeği Project Solutions is a project solution partner.