Since 125 years, GLATZ develops, manufactures and sells high-quality sunshades and custom-made giant sunshades with matching accessories around the world. We meet the highest standards of our customers for design and user comfort as well as their need for individual and innovative product solutions. Our thoughts and actions are on a long-term basis, with sustainable values and the careful use of resources in mind.

We actively practice our quality standards, which is clearly evident in every aspect of our business. Our customers and their needs are our priority. Their opinion is important to us and the standards we set for ourselves are a major factor.

Years of experience combined with state-of-the-art technology enable us to create superior sunshade solutions. We offer our customers an extensive product range for home, hotels and restaurants, which can be combined with a wide variety of colour and finishing options. Matching the personal needs of our customers, we offer customized solutions wherever shade is required.

GLATZ reconciles modern design with stylish, timeless design.