16th October 2018 | The Cordis Hotel

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Jordan Harry



Myrtle Ma

Brand Lead

Ruby Asia

Caroline List

International Sales Director


Dandan Gui

Project Director

Horwath HTL

Important Topic
Hotel Development in an Era of Tourism Overcrowding

From Barcelona to Boracay, the consequences of too much tourism growth are shifting the way destinations, hoteliers, tour operators and the general public view of the industry.

Tangible risks of this phenomenon encompass breeding resentment among locals, to causing environmental degradation of locations formerly known as paradise, to cost risk increases disrupting development and projections of stabilized occupancy.

New tools, collaboration, and evaluation mechanisms are needed to approach hotel development more holistically in light of these trends, where hotel supply can grow to accommodate visitors but its main attractions may not be able to without proactive management.

We discuss how this new paradigm will affect hotel development cycles and the specific destinations where this is a problem.

And, as importantly, what actions can hotel owners, investors and developers can take to mitigate risk? How to ensure profitability goes hand-in-hand with sustainability?

Are there practical ways to make hotel guests part of the solution, and not just the problem?

Eric Eduardo Ricaurte



Michael Blanding

Director of Corporate Responsibility

InterContinental Hotels Group

Carmen Ng

Director of Sustainability

Langham Hospitality Group

Gary Hui

Chief Operating Officer

Energenz Consulting

Syed Mubarak

Executive Director

Sands China

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