16th October 2018 | The Cordis Hotel

Tainan Crowne Plaza

First Creative Spark by HBA

HBA Hong Kong took inspiration from the culture and beauty of the owner’s hometown in Tainan and in a wider sense, Taiwan. The owners wanted to give something back to their beloved homeland, and did so by creating a space that paid homage to their rich history, delicious food and exceptionally welcoming, kind nature. The guestrooms present in two distinct types of experiences: one being a room designed specifically for business travelers and the other for leisure travelers. With a focus on the busy Taiwanese life, the business guestroom type’s design spoke to a thriving and busy urban center where flexibility and mobility are fundamental values. For leisure travelers, the center of the composition is on the contrary, occupied by a luxurious bathtub, symbol of personal care and relaxation: the feel of the room is thus much more relaxed, here time expands, there is no need to rush. A meld of the two concepts were coalesced in the specialty Japanese restaurant, giving diners the experience of being in the intoxicating allure of the Tainan alleys. This space celebrates the extraordinary variety of food that strikes a balance between the main food cultures that Tainan combines. As such, HBA designers choose simple, ordinary materials that one may find walking through Tainan: bricks, timbers, granite slabs, Jars for the fermentation of soy and market lamps, suspended on their unassuming electrical wires.

Fairmont Chengdu

Second Creative Spark by IN-Dulge

The Manhattan Bar and restaurant at the Fairmont in Chengdu is due to open early September. It’s on the top floor at Level 42 with 14m high ceilings so they put the restaurant on a mezzanine.

IN-dulge designed the whole top floor, which includes the main bar on L42 which is the tall tower, the lounge which is the dark blue area, and there is also a speakeasy whisky bar within that floor plus the mezzanine on L43 which is the restaurant. It’s a great project as it’s very detailed. The design studio rarely designed with a “theme” so this had been a lot of fun to work on for the team. The company also selected all of the artwork and accessories and was very involved in the development of the staff uniforms, menus and the selection of all the tabletops OS&E etc.

IN-Dulge also designed the all day dining restaurant on L1 called Spectrum.

Langham Chongqing

Third Creative Spark by ara design

The Langham in Chongqing is located in the Financial World Centre – FWC tower in the heart of the city. The hotel takes the top 10 floors of the tower giving the guests an impressive panoramic view of the city. The design of the hotel is a fusion of the Langham DNA and Chongqing cultural heritage. Emphasis on quality and sense of luxury residence has been sought throughout all areas. On the ground floor a hotel lobby vestibule with an impressive 7 meters ceiling allows the guests to feel the use of balanced color and furnishings throughout the property gives a sense of harmony and tranquility to the clientele. Having located the reception strategically to give the guests a sense of arrival and wow factor with impressive views with the use of floor to ceiling glazing to all sides. The open plan approach on the reception level allows for an open plan connectivity through to the engaging tea lounge, Lobby Lounge and the al a Carte restaurant.