25th September 2018 | The Bloomsbury Hotel








Vintry & Mercer

First Creative Spark by Dexter Moren Associates

Vintry & Mercer features 92 guestrooms, a state-of-the-art gym, three meeting rooms and a main restaurant on the ground floor, a rooftop restaurant with amazing views of St Paul’s Cathedral and a sumptuous speakeasy bar in the basement. From the outset the overall design concept has been to tell a story. Vintry & Mercer’s story is based on the history of Garlick Hill Hythe and its symbolic trade guilds: Vintners, Mercers and Merchant Tailors.

DMA Interiors drew upon their fundamental understanding of the varied and individualistic nature of London’s districts to create bespoke design features that engage guests with the neighbourhood story and the hotel’s creation. ‘The interiors are eclectic, a word that is nowadays overused but is nevertheless appropriate for this hotel. The contemporary character of the City is combined with its inspirational history throughout; the old-world charm of vintage inspired furniture and joinery is melded with modern, clean detailing. It’s a playful marriage of the two.’ Giada Gemignani, Senior Designer, DMA

‘As with creating any new hotel, the hardest thing is always to balance the impact of beautiful design and the ability for that design to remain timeless. That is why it is so important to immerse the motif in the neighbourhood story, and thereby create a one-of-a-kind hotel unique to its location, that guests can understand and engage with. In this instance we believe we have created something truly special.’  Lindsey Bean-Peace, Associate Director, DMA

Sheraton Skyline

Second Creative Spark by Leon Black

The hotel is conceived as a gathering point, with the atrium as it’s focal point. Conceived as a tranquil fantasy garden, that transports the guest into a wonderland of mystery and discovery. The space breaks down into individual zones defined by giant screens to separate the function Break Out area from the Hotel Public Area. Edge illuminated paths of ‘polished concrete transect areas of carpeted ‘lawn’. Giant pods with their respective functions separate functions.

The Assembly Bar, Library Pod, Games Pod, Beehive Cabanas along the ‘Firewall’ all Linked by a common form, inspired by the structure and form found in nature – The mathematical rhythm and geometric symmetry of a seed pod. Each zone provides a ‘cocoon’ to aid climate control.

Atrium walls are painted with light. Large oversized lamp shades suspended within the space will help fill the volume, disrupt sound reverberation. Artificial trees growing from ‘giant seeds’ are suspended mid height, with LED ‘dandelion seeds’ floating across the space providing magic.

A giant chess board is both decorative and functional. Giant ‘mad hatters’ chairs sit playfully around. Inspired by natural seed forms each Pod has a different function. The dominant Pod, the central bar provides the assembly point and anchor for the atrium. The Pod is two halves of the one seed, one side a solid weave the other an open mesh.

The Atrium Breakout Space, occupying almost half of the Atrium Garden; shielded from the everyday by way of massive sculptural screens. Soft tones of bluey green evokes a formal English garden replicated in carpet to simulate freshly mown lawn and cut stone paved patios with an intricate geometric overlays. The library Pod offers a quite meeting cocoon with mini lecture theatre.  The Play Pod provide a place for children of all ages to play and compete.

The Capital Suite at InterContinental London Park Lane 

Third Creative Spark by RPW Design

Situated on the first floor of the hotel, RPW Design’s newly completed The Capital Suite features two private, spacious en-suite bedrooms complemented by interconnecting living spaces, which can be used for both work and leisure. In addition to the bedrooms, the boardroom and living areas can also be hired independently from the bedrooms, or the 2-bedroom suite can be hired as whole, including the full complement of working, living and dining areas.

The Boardroom, which can be directly accessed through the Suite’s private corridor, is the centrepiece of The Capital Suite, and can as a result be easily interconnected with any other rooms. On the opposite side a private office and additional meeting room have been created, which can be linked to the Boardroom, hence creating a fully equipped boutique office within the Hotel. By designing this specific combination of work and living spaces, RPW Design have successfully created a versatile space that affords the highest level of privacy with multiple luxury living and working spaces.

Positioned alongside the largest of the four Royal Parks which inspired RPW Design, The Capital Suite’s windows directly overlook the Seasons unfolding outside. Great attention was given to the selection of naturally luxurious materials, such as soft leathers, stone and walnut timbers as a basis for the colour schemes, resulting in a classic, natural and relaxing environment suggestive of Hyde Park itself.

Accompanying the use of natural materials, every detail has been individually designed to adhere to the leitmotif. Design touches contain tasteful homages to Hyde Park such as bespoke bronze handles evocative of tree branches for the cabinetry. Artwork and accessories draw on Hyde Park’s equine traditions and the historic location of the hotel. Bespoke stitching details of the Plane, the tree that populates and represents London’s Royal Parks, are incorporated into the headboard design. The green landscape of the park inspired textures, patterns and themes within the carpet designs and artworks, such as the bespoke carpet, designed and developed with Tai Ping Carpets.

Design touches include decorative bronze panels, manufactured by Decca, which frame the bed by resembling windows with climbing foliage and songbirds.