Akshay Kulkarni

Vice President APAC, DigiValet

Akshay Kulkarni, VP APAC for Digivalet comes with an interesting background of Hotel Operations, Consulting, HR and Education. He has also vast geographical exposure ranging from Africa to Europe and ofcourse his longest stints have been in Asia.

Akshay started his career at the bottom of the pyramid about 24 years ago and then gained his degrees in Hotel Management in India and International Hospitality management at IMHI which was a joint program of ESSEC and Cornell in Paris.

His exposure to multiple cultures and having been exposed to young people through his educational stints he carries an understanding of people’s needs across generations and demographics.

Given his background in areas of Hotel Operations, Hotel Materials management, Hotel Projects, HR, Hotel Consulting and now Hotel Software solutions, he completely understands the entire guest experience cycle and also the importance of  making the right investments and the absolute need for ROI and positioning of various brands across the spectrum.

Though not a techie – he understands the need and use of technology from a guest experience perspective.