Andreas Brummel
Director at brummell landscape architects international

Brummell is among the leading landscape architecture firms in Germany. It is known for its national and international projects, not to mention its style and innovation. Some of the services offered in Brummell’s diverse portfolio include — but are not limited to — water gardens, waterscapes, water management, gardening, bio-engineering, urban concepts, hotel resorts, and roof gardens. 

What started as a simple vision to make places greener and more user-friendly has led to an entire network of landscape architects known collectively as Brummell, working on numerous projects both inside and outside of Germany.

Brummell is the design team behind many successful urban parks and squares in Germany, as well as hotel resorts and green  planning projects in worldwide. Currently, the company is known for its influence on many projects within Germany,  including streets, residences, parks, and hotel refurbishments in Berlin and many similar projects in several cities in Germany that have been in place since 2014.