Andreas Rohde
Head of Customer Service & Sales

I joined the TOPHOTELPROJECTS team more than 9 years ago. I’m in charge of Europe’s majority as well as the Customer Service. Before working for TOPHOTELPROJECTS I were active in the construction industry. Therefore I know the difficulties and pitfalls but also the opportunities by the construction of, among others, hotels. That is why I often support our customers with tips and tricks how to successfully handle the hospitality industry.

In my spare time I successfully devote myself to the ocean sailing. I am a former sailing World Champion and winner of the Admiral´s Cup, and I have recently won the “Kieler Woche” with my team “Ratzfatz”.

As “man of the first hour” I am always surprised and proud of the past and future development of TOPHOTELPROJECTS. Especially the data quality has improved enormously. Through the sailing I know that success is just reachable with a strong and reliable team. This is one of the reasons why TOPHOTELPROJECTS has become consistently more successful. Behind our databases and service we have a team, which is researching day in and day out with lots of passion and eagerness to better the data quality in the future evermore.