Anne van Wetteren

Concept Development, 25hours Hotel Company

Anne is an anthropologist and concept developer at the extra hour lab. The extra hour lab is a multi-competence unit within the 25hours Hotel. Since 25hours Hotels boast an unconventional mix of contemporary services, concepts and designs, the extra hour lab is responsible for the development of these magic moments, surprising concepts, individual stories, extraordinary designs, forward thinking partnerships and innovative ideas that set the 25hours Hotels apart from the rest of the market.

Originally from Luxembourg, Anne grew up in a family business, which put the sense of work and respect for the customer her cradle. Driven by her curiosity for the many aspects of the human experiences, Anne completed her Master studies in Anthropology, Sociology and Philosophy in Brussels and Berlin.

Through an empathic, humorous and meaningful approach, she seeks to understand how people perceive, interpret and design the world around them. Hotels are particularly interesting to her as they combine her passion for people, food and travel. Hotels are social stages, which require a skillful comprehension of how customers use space to be able to connect with them.