Carsten K. Rath

Keynote Speaker, Management Consulting

The entrepreneur Carsten K. Rath is a keynote speaker on the topics of leadership and Service Excellence . The television channel n-tv calls him the ‘number 1 customer service expert in Germany’. Dietmar Axt, CEO of the Mustang Group, says the following about him: ‘Carsten Rath is a leader – he is Germany’s number 1 expert on leadership.’ As a speaker, he provides market leaders, as well as emerging young brands from a wide range of industries, with techniques to boost customer enthusiasm. His strategy – every impulse and every tip – comes from experienced leadership practice: Carsten K. Rath is an expert on leadership and customer service because he is successful as an entrepreneur – not vice versa.

From research to the stage: Carsten K. Rath has already received a whole series of awards and acknowledgments from research bodies for his work as a speaker and an entrepreneur. He has been awarded, among others, the German Tourism Industry’s Innovation Prize, as well as Employer of the Year, Hotel Manager of the Year and Host of the Year, for his innovative power in service and leadership.