Eduardo de Feo
Owner at Miller & Co

Eduardo de Feo, an Argentinian architect with over 20 years of professional experience, is Managing Partner and Founding Member of Miller & co, a global reach firm dedicated to BIM, with offices in Spain, Mexico, and Colombia.

Miller & co has dedicated more than 12 years to the application, diffusion and BIM implementation, averaging more than 1,400,000 m2 modeled per year, more than 4500 people trained attending the most prestigious ATC for 25 years.

Eduardo has also been the creator of the BIMBOX concept, which orders people, processes and tools to achieve products and processes unique for their quality and reliability in the BIM world.

Its main clients are public and private organizations, government entities, managers, studios, construction companies, developers and investors who want to guarantee the value of their assets over time.

He dedicates a large part of his work to improve the relationship between people, processes and systems.

Convinced that human teams should be cared for and valued, while it is the methodologies that should be evaluated, updated, adapted and if necessary changed.

Finally he understands that being HAPPY is the most important thing to try.