Harry Harris

Managing Director, SUSD

Peter ‘Harry’ Harris is the co-founder of SUSD Ltd, the developer and investor behind The Curtain Hotel & Members’ Club and Devonshire Club. A well-known figure in UK real estate with over 25 years’ experience delivering multi-million-pound hotel and complex real estate projects, Harry has developed a systematic, locally-sensitive approach to his projects from initial design to successful launch. His career began with major mixed-use regeneration projects with an emphasis on luxury residential and hotel development. Developing and designing multi-million pound hotel schemes in London and the UK for global brands and boutique new ventures. In a career spanning over 25 years Harry has founded SUSD Ltd and also held key main-board positions with listed companies as well as non-exec. roles with several charities including Greater London Fund for the Blind, Notting Hill Housing Trust and the University of Westminster.