Heather White
CEO at Smarter Networking

Heather White is the CEO and founder of Smarter Networking Limited. She is a Networking and Personal Brand Expert and for the last 17 years has not only trained thousands on how to access the right people, she has personally connected hundreds of people together. Through these combined experiences Heather created Boardroom Ready to answer the frustration of senior executives seeking commercial boardroom experience. Her principle role is to find and match senior executives with boards across all sectors, offering networking coaching where relevant. She is a self-published author, creates online e-courses and various tools to help everyone succeed at networking for either career of business development. Heather’s clients include AMEX, KPMG, London Chamber of Commerce, The Law Society, Wickes, Nationwide Building Society, IBTM World, The PA Club, EPAA, IOSH and many more.