Hogan Chun
Design Director and Senior Associate at Gensler

Hogan serves as the Hospitality Leader of 6 offices within the South West region of Gensler’s 48 offices worldwide. He is most actively a Design Director of the Hospitality Studio of 60 designers in Los Angeles. Operating as an effective liaison between diverse personality types and working closely with multi-disciplinary teams, Hogan travels both domestically and internationally to collaborate with a multitude of design professionals and clients. His project experience in Asia, the Americas and the Middle East continues to shape his global perspective and culturally sensitive approach to design.

Carefully crafting a curated story in a manner that is meaningful for both clients and their guests as well as for the design teams is what drives Hogan to bring out the finest in everyone involved in any project he touches. He strongly advocates that this is best achieved by means of fostering environments where teams can comfortably flex their creativity through exploration, sense of ownership and purpose.

Two core beliefs govern Hogan’s modus operandi: “happier teams create better designs” and “Hospitality design goes beyond creating the physical, it is about igniting the anticipation of a stay and planting the desire to return to relive the experience.”