Kimberly Brown
Principal & Co-Founder at STRATA Architects

Building on two decades of experience at world-renowned architecture firms, Kimberly Brown co-founded STRATA Architects PLLC in 2012—a NY based research-driven architectural practice that puts equal emphasis on forward thinking design and buildability. From Generation Y and Z live-work-play mixed-use projects to distinguished high-end residential and hospitality environments, STRATA has developed a methodology that is systematic, efficient and flexible: integrating architecture, engineering and cutting-edge research with clients’ needs and ambitions.

Ms. Brown brings sensitivity to the specific, thorough analysis, and technical expertise to every design collaboration. A native of Mississippi, Ms. Brown has lived, studied, and worked in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Italy, and the Netherlands.

In today’s resource-drained natural and economic world, Ms. Brown is deeply sensitive to executing projects in a manner that is both socially and environmentally responsible. Her firm continually strives to stay ahead of the curve in creative and intelligent approach to design and implementation.

Whether working on an intimate scale or a global one, Ms. Brown believes that design should be used to empower, and that individual empowerment will, in turn, forge stronger communities.