Lindsey Bean-Pearce

Associate Director, Dexter Moren Associates

Lindsey believes great interior design is driven by a strong narrative woven throughout the building for guests to experience on their journey through the space. She co-runs the interiors team at Dexter Moren Associates and has over 13 years’ experience running projects in the UK and Europe, working in luxury residential, work space, hospitality and leisure.

Lindsey has extensive experience working with large international operators and understands brand requirements across all sectors, which is invaluable when working with clients to develop new brands.

She brings creative flair and strong conceptual and technical abilities to her projects, with particular expertise in running large complex and one-off schemes and delivering them on site. Lindsey strives to push the spatial layout of a hotel to ensure the optimum guest experience and pays particular attention to detailing and styling of the final design to create maximum impact.

Lindsey is currently working on the completion of Vintry & Mercer, a new boutique hotel in the City of London, where she is responsible for every aspect of the design ensuring there is a high level of consistency maintained throughout.