Luciano Mazza
Director of Hospitality Architecture

Luciano began his professional career working in Italy, initially on residential, commercial and industrial projects, and later, on a series of high-end hospitality and residential projects. His experience then widened considerably as he worked extensively in Sri Lanka with his own practice where he was appointed the architect for both the Italian and Vatican embassies. Luciano’s projects elsewhere in south-east Asia involved high-end residential, hospitality and commercial developments. Since joining HKS, he has been responsible for hospitality sector developments from the London office, leading the design process on a number of luxury resorts. His approach involves the creation of tailor-made contemporary design solutions that take into account the specific heritage and characteristics of each project and its site. Architecture, he says, is a never-ending journey; if you are willing to travel, explore, listen and learn, your design will always be actual, vibrant and inspirational.”

Luciano’s current and recent work includes luxury hotels and resorts in India, Goa, Morocco, Gran Canaria, Montenegro and the Dominican Republic.