Malcolm Berg
Principal, Owner

Malcolm Berg, the founder of EoA, Inc., has incorporated a practice that has covered a wide array of fields throughout the years. His focus on design is unequivocally about the narrative, about the human element – about the intimate relationship people have with their environment. Malcolm has focused his career on Resort Hospitality projects. Prior to founding EoA, Malcolm was a Principal with RTKL Associates, Inc., where he worked on a variety of Luxury Hospitality Architecture and Interiors projects. He was also a Project Manager at ADD Inc., an Associate with Keith Moskow Architect, and a Project Manager with Rafael Viñoly Architects, where he worked on the new Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.  Malcolm received his Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, and his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with Concentration in Architecture, from the Massachusetts College of Art. He has extensive experience in Residential, Commercial and Hospitality Architecture and Interior Design.

”There’s a story in every project, or at least there should be. The story is not about the Architecture, nor about the furniture or the artwork. It is about the dialogue, about the synergy created by disparate components in any landscape. It is about cinematic envelopment, about sensorial stimulation – about creating a mental image of a liquid moment. To that end I founded Edge of Architecture, to bridge the gap between disciplines, to bring the focus back to narrative, to the human element – and to the intimate relationship people ultimately have with their environment.”