Manuel Canales
Managing Director
The Media Group

Manuel Canales is the co-founder of The Media Group Inc. (1995), a Canadian private corporation that holds several subsidiary marketing and development companies and that is dedicated to bridging corporate culture and opportunity sourced among well-funded mature companies in the broadcasting, communications, social media industries.

Manuel is adept at understanding the business climate in the community and has a strong knowledge of the interests of companies, their clients and customers. He is originally from Chile where he completed Accounting studies and National and International Television Production job assignments. He has completed in Canada University studies in Television Production, Economics and Marketing and sector specific Sales Representative and Marketing Courses.

Manuel is a seasoned broadcaster, has traveled and worked extensively and understand the regulatory environment in media and communications in North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico), Europe, the Caribbean and The Americas over the last 37 years.

Specialties: International Trade Development, Management Consulting, Turn-around specialist, Global Business Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Government Liaison, Competitive analysis, Financing, Franchising, Sustainable Development, Renewable Energies, Radio, TV, Network, Syndication, Production, Financing, Commercialization.

Now in 2013 with almost 40 years of seasoned experience street, retail, regional, national, international management in the broadcasting and cultural industries and having work on-hand in the regulatory environments of Canada (CRTC), USA (FCC), UK (Offcom) and other Caribbean and Latin countries, that we can say that I have some experience in broadcasting and cultural matters.