Michael Goldberg
Author & Sales Consultant at KnockOut Networking

Michael Goldberg is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), author, educator, blogger, (yes, light heavyweight boxer!), and the founder of KnockOut Networking, LLC. He has helped thousands of sales producers including financial advisors, brokers, insurance agents, and sales managers grow their business (or their firm!) through networking.

For over 16 years, Michael has been hired by some of the top insurance companies, broker dealers, general agencies, and property and casualty carriers to help increase their sales production, recruiting strategies, and retention of sales producers.

Michael speaks at conferences, leads sales meetings, offers online learning solutions, group coaching programs, and has material that gets licensed by corporate offices nationally.

Dubbed a “spark plug” by his clients, Michael is a high-energy speaker who amps up an audience like a shot of adrenaline.

He delivers high-content, actionable approaches that can be applied immediately!