Paul Bishop
Owner and Founder of Bishop Design

Paul remains at the forefront of Bishop Design LLC as the Owner and Founder, personally working on and overseeing each project that comes through the studio.

Paul has been the innovative powerhouse behind the studios latest projects including the utterly revolutionary dining destination Torno Subito for the world’s best chef Massimo Bottura, Wavehouse for Atlantis and hospitality leaders Solutions Leisure which adopts a unique philosophy of dine, party, play, Buddha Bar in Mauritius as well as the firms first hotel opening Studio One.

Currently working on 40+ projects within the region and internationally, Paul is contributing his tireless efforts and ultimate versatility to ongoing projects including a luxurious boutique resort in the Bahamas, six hospitality venues in Mauritius, three resorts and developments in India, whilst always remaining true to his renowned status within the F&B sector with projects inclusive of the latest dining offering to the W Hotel in Paris, Bohemian culture inspired eatery BOHO Lifestyle in Qatar and refined industrial style meat restaurant The Meating Room which are just a small selection among the infinite list of edgy concepts he continues to create.

Paul has also had the immense pleasure of working alongside awarded and Michelin star chefs on their latest ventures including Jean-Edern in Paris and locally celebrated Izu Ani as well as Jerome Lagarde, Hide Yamamoto and Massimo Bottura, introducing the world-renowned chefs to the region and being the driving force behind their first restaurants in the UAE.
Securing strong Client relationships in a way that only he can, Paul is responsible for securing the studios hotel and F&B projects in the Bahamas, India and Mauritius, successfully leading the studio into their global expansion goals for 2019. His multifaceted skill and talent as a designer continuously develop as he draws knowledge from all aspects he is exposed to.