Richard Stolz

Head of Corporate Development, grmc Advisory Services

Richard Stolz is the Head of Corporate Development at grmc Advisory Services managing client relationships and ensuring value enhancing initiatives are delivered successfully to clients across multiple industries.

Beyond ensuring business development and client satisfaction, his further responsibilities include planning and overseeing projects spanning from different functional areas such as corporate strategy, growth strategy, market assessment, project management, organisational efficiency, performance improvement as well as change management.

Before joining grmc Advisory Services he spent 5 years with Accenture Strategy in the London and Dubai office. Richard’s functional background is in corporate strategy, growth strategy, business development, project management, business transformation and he gathered key industry expertise by delivering projects in the hospitality, tourism, travel, aviation, leisure, logistics and as well as real estate sectors.

Richard holds a Master of Science degree in Marketing & Strategy from Warwick Business School in the UK – A top 20 global Business School ranked by the 2017 MBA Ranking of The Economist. Due to his passion for travel he has been to 92 countries and also lived, worked and studied in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.