Saana Azzam
MENA Speakers

Saana Azzam, graduated from the esteemed Stockholm School of Economics with a Masters in Economics. Her adept skills and knowledge in market analysis, investments, research and finance has earned her the prestigious title of ‘Female Economist of the Year’.  She undertook public speaking assignments in Europe on leadership and leading Generation Y and is listed as one of Sweden’s 101 ‘Supertalents’ in 2012, and recognized as a Top 30 Under 30 influencers in 2015. Saana’s exemplary expertise lies in the Art of Public Speaking and the Art of Effective Communication, trained by some of the best in class on the topics. She has more than 10 years of experience in Networking and talks about various techniques that bring out the best in each interaction be it on stage or in a smaller setting. She is a certified NLP Practitioner and incorporates this skill-set in her trainings. Her speaking engagements have covered audience sizes from 5 up to 1000 persons and she has presented in Europe and the Middle East with clients such as Ericsson, Spotify, official functions and more.

Saana Azzam is the founder of MENA Speakers whose life mission and purpose is to create an improved image of the world through dialogue.