Shannon Kim

Principal, Idea Hospitality

Shannon is responsible for evaluation, execution, project developments and establishing brand standards for the Plateno Group, lifestyle lab properties worldwide; providing brands’ design direction while working with the investors, owners and the project consultants on projects development from concept phase to post opening phase.

Shannon is an award-winning interior designer with over 20 years of experience in luxury hospitality, retail, corporate design and mixed-use projects around the world. She gained diverse experience through working in many parts of the world with top clients with the various roles and became an expert in the field of design, luxury hospitality project developments and design management. Her experience in working not only as an interior designer but also as an operator, client representative, developer, project director and the contractor, understanding from designer’s perspectives to operator and developer’s needs made her truly well-rounded design & project management professional in such a niche market.

Prior to joining Plateno Group, she was the principal of IDEA Hospitality in Toronto and Hong Kong and executive director of design and technical services at Marriott International for iconic landmark projects along with new branding and expansions utilizing her global experience in projects and leadership skills.

She understands the importance of “buildability” of design and believes that creativity comes not only from creative minds but also from experience and knowledge – All design must have “end user” in mind, both for space experience and for the longevity of space itself.

Since 1993, her expertise in design field was built through her hands-on work philosophy and distinguished works in Toronto, Las Vegas, New York, Europe and the Middle East & Asia. Her Client portfolio includes the celebrities to fortune 500 companies and major Casinos, luxury hotel operators and the developers. She is also a winner of more than 6 international and National Awards for various design projects in Canada and the United States and a speaker for international hospitality events.