Tim Shepherd
Director at Aedas London

Tim has over 25 years of experience in designing and delivering interior design projects in over 60 locations across 20 countries around the world, ranging from hotels, restaurants, residences and offices to public projects.

His extensive experience and deep understanding of design across many disciplines enables him leading his team to create all types of spaces from stylish five-star hotels, boutique and mid-market hotels, innovative residential developments to bespoke homes, restaurants and boutique offices. He believes that interior design and architecture intertwine with fashion, arts as well and the clients’ own vision.

Tim has been actively involved in all project phrases to deliver high-quality designs. Working across a diverse market, he understands the needs of every client and creates inspiring spaces which reflect identity and enrich people’s daily lives. His internationally-accumulated experience has given him a rich and varied portfolio and ability to deliver unique and memorable projects.