Valeria Lassalle
Project Designer
HBA Los Angeles

Valeria has an affinity and admiration for good design. Starting her design education with Architecture school at USC, Valeria’s appreciation for design quickly expanded to object/furniture design and interiors. “The potential to shape somebody’s environment from the most minimal item used daily to the envelope that encloses us is a gift that shapes you in itself.”

Hospitality design allowed her to create environments that mixed all of her design interests. “Being a public space, hotels always need a bit of a theatrical approach to their design, yet they must achieve an “at home” comfort for the guest. From the iconic tile, to comfortable unique furniture, to the details often unseen, hospitality design allows a designer to create an unprecedented environment. Each project is unique, each project is an experience, yet the collection of those experiences quickly escalate to the power to decipher the client’s needs and the traveller’s wants.” Valeria has grown this power in her years at HBA. As a leader Valeria is particularly valued for her ability to come into ambiguous and unprecedented situations, serving as both a team member and a change agent to bring forces together and set high standards. Her attention to detail and dedication makes her a key element to any team. Her experience makes her a strong designer capable of carrying out diverse types of projects.

Valeria did not limit herself by achieving an architectural degree; she has pursued a long exploration and teachings in interior design, furniture design, art, and spent 6 month studying design abroad in Italy with an emphasis on hand sketching. These experiences collectively have led to Valeria’s unique vision in her designs.

Valeria received her B.S. degree in Architecture & Design from The University of Southern California (USC) in 2014 and previously achieved an AA degree in Drafting & Fine Arts.