TECE is one of the leading international manufacturers of domestic engineering solutions. TECE´s areas of competence encompass outstanding sanitary design elements such as over 400 flush plates including cisterns, elegant shower channels, register walls and elements and in addition innovative pipe systems as well as separation technology. TECE products are manufactured mainly in Germany as well as in Poland. Innovation and high quality standards are the main driver of TECE´s business.

Around 1350 employees globally manufacture and serve clients in Asia, Africa, CIS, Europe and Middle East; together with our authorized distribution partners TECE products are available in more than 50 countries.

TECE was founded in 1985 and its roots lie in practice: The corporate group originated from an engineering office – and the typical engineering culture of asking questions has continued in the company until today: Can this be made better, faster, easier – more attractive?

The corporate culture is one of long-term, controlled growth – with a philosophy of closeness to the customer.

Singapore, London, Hong Kong