Founded in 2010, with the passion of Portuguese Design, Wewood delivers furniture that aims to retain the character of the wood. Each piece is unique and made with innovative techniques mixed up with more than 50 years of expertise and craftsmanship inherited from the family business where it was born.

Wewood – Portuguese Joinery’s name drifts from the company main know-how: the production of solid wood furniture combined with a tribute to the Portuguese craftsmen.

The wood and the joinery are the essences of our identity and we have a great responsibility for the survival of our cultural heritage.

We care about the impact of everything we do in sustainability.

Despite the modern technology we use in our factories, we keep part of our process manual and bequeath to future generations.

Each piece of furniture borns from the inspiration and creativity of talented designers and architects turned into reality by the hands, wisdom, and experience of our craftsmen.


New York